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The 5 Best Garages We’ve Ever Seen

At Hill Country Overhead Door, we like to be inspired. Whether it’s in our everyday work or outside of the job, we look at the world around us and see how we can reflect it in helping make the best looking garage doors possible.

If you’re interested in working with Hill Country Overhead Door on a project, you probably want some creative ideas and solutions. That’s why we’ve done the work for you and found five innovative and amazing ways people have used their garage space for more than just parking cars in.

5. Takuya Tsuchida House in Tokyo, Japan

5th Best Garage SOURCE:

Architect Takuya Tsuchio received a brief one day from a client. The client requested a new single-family house. It needed to be two and a half stories. It could only use 2000 square feet.

And the house had to fit nine cars in it.

While 2000 square feet might be plenty for anyone needing just a house, it’s not nearly enough to fit a house and nine whole cars. Also, a car had to be available to viewed at any time.

This forced Tsuchida to be creative, which is why Tsuchida built everything on top of the garage. Along with this, he made one parking spot a lift to the living room. Talk about rising to the occasion. This makes it one of the best home garages we’ve ever seen.

4. Camperdown Warehouse in Sydney, Australia

4th Best Garage SOURCE: via Internet Archive

This garage came with a special caveat. Not only was the garage located in the warehouse, but the warehouse had to also serve as a florist’s workshop and be able to house an entire family. All of this required in a former industrial warehouse.

The solution was novel: put the car inside the living room.

3. Ikea Garage from Los Angeles, CA

3rd Best Garage SOURCE: Hemmings Daily

Jack Olson wanted to work on his Porsche. Having invested so much money into his sweet ride, he didn’t want to reinvest in a garage overhaul. So he did it himself.

There are custom lights made out of cake pans. Other lighting is from IKEA. Benches, desks, tiling…all done by Jack. Anything he didn’t make he bought second hand or used, like the hydraulic lift. The lift cost $455 and was far and away the most expensive investment in the garage re-design.

2. Emirates National Auto Museum in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

2nd Best Garage SOURCE:

Over 200 cars are in this museum. This includes the world’s largest Dodge Jeep, an 1886 Mercedes, a Russian WWII Tank, and more. This museum also has walkways, painted streets with streetlights, benches, and a rotunda. It’s a city as well as a museum, basically.

It’s also the personal garage of the UAE royal family. Hamad Bin Hamdan al-Nahyan, former diplomat and now professional car enthusiast, amassed a collection so large, it needed to be housed in a replica pyramid. While this style may be a little bit out of everyone’s planned garage renovation, it just goes to show you that a little public pizazz can go a long way.

1. John Travolta’s House in Ocala, FL

Best Garage SOURCE: Yahoo

John Travolta’s garage can house a plane. Alright, well, they can’t really fit in his garage. Travolta has a 16 car garage, but the really interesting part is the two docking stations for his planes. Complete with two runways that can launch a 747, Travolta flies himself to film premieres because he can.

While Travolta has the 16 car garage, his house is decked out in aviation, which carries over into every aspect of his life. So, if you’re ever needing more goals, make a goal for you to be so successful, you can park a 747 at your home. If you’re looking for one of the coolest garages ever, it’ll be hard to take this one off the list.

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