Commercial Garage Doors

Two rolling steel commercial doors

Your business is dependent upon your commercial overhead door’s ability to operate day in and day out. At Overhead Door Company of the Hill Country, a division of Hill Country Overhead Door we understand this. Our commercial customers have come to expect quality service in a timely manner. We offer a full line of commercial overhead door products with an emphasis on quality and affordability.

Key factors to consider in selecting a commercial overhead door:

Is your building insulated?

If it is, consider an insulated overhead door. You wouldn’t feel comfortable with a 10×10 area on your building without insulation…why purchase a non insulated garage door?

How often is your overhead door used?

If it is highly used, consider upgrades such as high cycle springs, 3″ track, heavy cable, or a heavier gauge steel.

How wide does your door need to be?

Sectional doors are more economical for openings under 16 feet. Rolling steel overhead doors will provide longer life and smoother operation for openings over 16 feet.

How tall does your overhead door need to be?

Do you have a vehicle lift or other heavy equipment that may interfere with the garage door track? If so, consider high lift track, full vertical track, follow the roofline track or a combination.

Advanced Sectional

The door solution for advanced performance in commercial and industrial applications where climate control, durability and ease of maintenance are primary concerns.

Thermacore® Doors

Premier insulated sectional steel door – ideal for applications that demand the highest levels of thermal efficiency.

Sectional Steel Doors

Comprehensive line of sectional steel and insulated steel doors.

Aluminum Glass Doors

An excellent solution for applications where visual access and light transmission are key considerations.

Advanced Service Doors

High cycles and faster speed of a high performance door with the security and durability of a rolling steel door.

Rolling Steel Doors

Comprehensive line of rolling steel doors to meet your project specifications with ease and style.

Fire-Rated Doors

Fire-rated overhead door

Wide array of rolling steel doors to demanding fire-safety standards and discerning aesthetic requirements.

Security Grilles

An array of attractive solutions for a spectrum of retail, commercial and industrial applications.

High Speed Fabric Doors

high speed fabric doors

Rolling high speed fabric doors for interior and exterior that provide the efficiency, reliability, and a return on investment.

High Speed Rubber Doors

high speed rubber doors

Designed with a rugged construction that provides durability for extreme environments, these exterior high speed rubber doors are heavy-duty.

Rolling Security Shutters

rolling security shutters

An attractive, light door solution that provides security for high pedestrian traffic areas like retail stores, pharmacies, and hospitals.

rolling door model 610s

Our new springless models provide unrivaled improvements to our existing rolling steel line while protecting against weather elements.

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