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Hill Country Overhead Door in San Antonio

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Hill Country Overhead Door provides the San Antonio area with expert service and support to fulfill a customer service tradition almost as old as the Alamo itself. As residents of the Alamo City, we feel an enormous sense of pride in the architectural flair we can add to your home. When you want a sturdy, long-lasting, and stylish garage door, you can rely on our hand-picked collection to satisfy your needs. Of course, if you don’t find the exact match for your tastes in our collection, we would be thrilled to provide you with a custom-made door to suit your needs perfectly.


We Offer Repair Services for Any Garage Door in San Antonio

Is your garage door functioning in top shape? Are there signs of wear or cosmetic damage? Does your garage door no longer open as it should and is it really safe to use anymore? Here at Hill Country Overhead Door, we have a team of professionals who are willing to answer any question or concern you may have. We offer top quality garage door repair services in the San Antonio area and other cities in Texas.

Our specialists are qualified to handle and repair almost any garage door problem in San Antonio. Our technicians have years of experience allowing them to provide a swift resolution to any of your garage door problems. They also arrive with their own equipment in their fully stocked service vehicles to tackle any situation at hand with the proper tools for repair and assessment. Whether it’s a commercial or a residential garage door, we will help assess and repair the root of the issues.


Contact Us Today

We offer many options to customize your home or commercial building with our gates, garage, and overhead doors to suit your needs and style. Whether you are looking to make a replacement for your building’s garage or overhead door or looking for extra security with our gates, we can help you with that. We can help you determine the right choice by assessing the needs and style of your home or building in San Antonio. Call us today or contact us online so we can schedule our technicians to arrive at your convenience. Our customers are our most important asset. We want to hear from you regarding your service experience with us. Please consider filling out the form on the right side of this page so we can continue to improve our service experience!

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San Antonio Garage Door Reviews

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Thank you! Joe and Mark did a great job. Excellent customer service. I will definitely be referring you company!

Trel L.

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Fantastic! They showed up early and did a wonderful job! I would definitely recommend them to others!!

Tracy W. San Antonio, TX


Very fast response time even more so for a Saturday afternoon. Service was fast ,friendly, fair. Tech was most knowledgeable and extremely hard working. I would highly recommend Hill Country Overhead Door to family and friends and anyone who needs garage door service. Would most definitely hire this Company again for any future needs. Thanks, Steve

Steve B. San Antonio, TX

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Wonderful! The guys arrived on time, took less than an hour, went over all operations and warranty information as well. Fast, efficient, professional, clean! Great experience!

Susan A. San Antonio, TX

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Prompt, excellent service!!

Alan S. San Antonio, TX

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He was on time, did a good job, very efficient

Kim H. Adkins, TX

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Excellent experience with this company.

Carlos G. Helotes, TX

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The service was more than satisfactory. The contractor was on time, quick and efficient, cleaned up all mess, charged what he quoted, and instructed us on operation of the garage door opener. The only disappointment I have is that the contractor assured me that he would adjust my garage door so that it is quieter, however, at the job site he offered to sell me replacement wheels for an additional $260 which may or may not help to quiet the doors.

Satisfied Customer Cibolo, TX

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He was very professional. Showed us what else needed to be fixed and did it.

Satisfied Customer Converse, TX

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Satisfied Customer San Antonio, TX

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As soon as I finished the online request for service, I recived a call from a contractor ready to take care of my problem. I was trully impressed by this rapid response . The service performed was excellent . I have contacted them about another project already.

Satisfied Customer San Antonio, TX

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Due to the way my garage was constructed, a conventional opener would not work on my door. David and Corey installed a side mount opener (in my 70 years I had never seen one before). They were very knowledgeable and worked efficiently. The equipment worked very well, the door was quite and had many features. But, my impression of David was tempered by his kindness. I am 70 years old, and David saw me trying to take a rather large box up the outside stairs of the garage apartment. I could only go a couple of steps, stop, rest, and go two more. He ran over, took the box from me and took it up the stairs. He also took another box I needed to go there. Sure, great door opener, professionally installed, but an act of kindness will never be forgotten.

Gary W. San Antonio, TX

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They were just superb and very professional.

Elizabeth N. San Antonio, TX


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