garage door opener

Why You Need A New Garage Door Opener

Having a properly functioning garage door opener is important for any home. However, some might be unaware of the benefits of a newer model and instead rely on their old opener in their day to day. Here are some reasons why a new garage door opener is essential for your home and why making the switch to a new model is the right move.

man opening broken garage door by hand

How to Fix a Broken Garage Door Cable

Your garage door raises and lowers using a set of tension cables. When it’s operating correctly, springs in the cable assembly remove any slack and allow the door to move easily. If you run into problems with your cables, your garage door may be stuck in one position or unable to open.

row of garage doors with wet asphalt outside

How to Keep Water Out of Your Garage

San Antonio may be known for its dry, hot weather, but come summer, thunderstorms don’t wait to strike. Unfortunately, the rainy weather can lead to some unwanted consequences, such as dealing with water inside your garage. Here’s how to keep your garage dry and your belongings in good condition.