man opening broken garage door by hand

How to Fix a Broken Garage Door Cable

Your garage door raises and lowers using a set of tension cables. When it’s operating correctly, springs in the cable assembly remove any slack and allow the door to move easily. If you run into problems with your cables, your garage door may be stuck in one position or unable to open.

How to Keep Water Out of Your Garage

How to Keep Water Out of Your Garage

San Antonio may be known for its dry, hot weather, but come summer, thunderstorms don’t wait to strike. Unfortunately, the rainy weather can lead to some unwanted consequences, such as dealing with water inside your garage. Here’s how to keep your garage dry and your belongings in good condition.

Once you've had the chance to remove any obvious hazards from your garage, call Hill Country Overhead Door to have a San Antonio garage door repair expert inspect your door. We can help keep your garage safe, so that your kids can enjoy their time in and around the garage without causing you worry.

How to Check Your Garage for Child Safety

It’s common to use your garage to store power tools, heavy furniture, and cleaning chemicals and paints. All of these can pose a threat to your children. Of course, kids might keep their bicycle or other sporting equipment stored in the garage, making it impossible to declare the area a completely kid-free zone. Instead, you should work toward making your garage as safe as possible.

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