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Why Having a Garage Door Opener with Battery Backup Makes Sense

Your overhead garage door is one of many things people take for granted. You push a button, up it goes, and you’re on your way to work or the store. And that same assumption is made when you return home.

Today’s generation probably won’t remember when everything had to be done manually to open your garage door. You had to turn the handle and lift the door, often by yourself, hoping the springs had been adjusted correctly to balance the weight of the door and make it easy on your back.

A power outage is all it takes to bring those memories back. When that happens, you may find you can’t get your car in or out at all. Unless, of course, you had the foresight to have a battery backup unit fitted to your overhead garage door opener.

What is a Garage Door Backup Battery Unit?

A battery backup unit is a simple “plug and play” item that can be quickly installed and is designed to kick in if the power to the garage door opener should fail for any reason. It doesn’t have to be a complete power outage. It could be that one of your circuit breakers has tripped and the opener is on that particular circuit. If resetting the breaker has no effect, then do not worry. Once fully charged, the battery backup will have enough power stored to ensure your garage door won’t be affected during a power outage.

If you lose power to your garage door opener there are many advantages in having a battery backup fitted.

Protects Against Power Outages

Yes, you can open the garage door manually by detaching the release mechanism, but not all emergencies are predictable. Some garage doors are very difficult to open, leaving your car or yourself stuck. You’ll avoid these problems with a backup battery unit, which keeps your garage door operating like normal!

There’s No Need for You to Disconnect the Motor

Every automatic garage door has an emergency release which usually hangs down from the track by a cord and ends with a red handle. Pulling on the handle will disengage the trolley from the track and allow you to manually lift the door open. The battery backup unit will supply power to the motor thus saving you from having to disengage the motor, and possibly injure yourself lifting a heavy door.

A Good Backup Unit Has a Useful Service Life of Approximately Three Years.

Once connected, via a cable which runs between the opener and the unit, there is no requirement to plug the unit into a power outlet. The battery will be fully charged in roughly 48 hours and ready to go to work.

Provides Worry-Free Insurance

Having a backup battery for your garage door is like an insurance policy against having to deal with power problems. No getting out of the car in the rain, opening the garage door manually, then driving in and closing it. The backup unit will do the job for you.

Need Help Finding the Right Backup Battery For Your Garage Door?

We install and repair numerous garage door brands and can give you an answer if you give us a call. We offer completely free estimates and can install the backup units unique to your garage door. With the foresight of having a battery backup installed, you may never know what you would have to endure just to get the door open. Contact us today to get started!

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