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Garage Door Spring Repair

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Garage Door Spring Repair

When garage doors are functioning correctly, they may seem light. However, once they become stuck, you’ll feel the weight of the door, which can weigh over 350 pounds. If the garage door is not opening and closing properly, it could cause significant damage. One of the most frequent reasons for malfunctioning garage doors is broken garage door springs. 

Hill Country Overhead Door’s garage door specialists are available to repair your broken garage door springs and restore your spring’s tension, allowing your garage door to function properly again.

How do garage door springs break?

Your garage door’s heavy weight is lifted and lowered by the stored power in its springs. If the spring is located behind the door, it starts working as soon as the door is raised. It holds the tension throughout the movement and keeps the door in place once it’s up. However, the constant pressure of the door’s weight can be a burden for the spring, causing it to eventually fail.

  • They hold tension for the duration of the movement and help keep the door in place once it is up.
  • The spring is pulled and extended every time the door is lowered.

If the spring for your garage door is situated at the back of the garage, it endures a significant amount of weight each time the door is pulled up by the motor. When the door is lowered, the spring is stretched and pulled, causing substantial strain that gradually weakens it over time.

Hill Country Overhead Door is the leading expert in garage doors. Our team of professionals can safely and accurately repair any issues with your garage door, including broken springs. We also conduct thorough inspections to prevent any future problems. If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for assistance.

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