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How To Keep Pests Out Of Your Garage


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With summer in full swing, pests such as ants, cockroaches, and rats can often make their way into your garage. Taking active steps to address these pests will not only help keep your garage clean but also keep your home safe. Here are a few key guidelines to keep in mind as you prepare to remove and keep pests out of your garage.

Clean Your Garage

A forgotten sandwich or a half-eaten cracker is enough to attract the attention of ants, other bugs, or even rats who are looking for a supply of food. That’s why it’s important to clean your garage thoroughly if you notice an increase in pests. This can be easily done by regularly checking the floor or other areas for any misplaced or forgotten food.

Often food is stored in the garage due to limited refrigerator space. If you do, make sure to store it properly in airtight containers to ensure that no unwelcome pests get into them. Also, if you store your trash cans in your garage make sure that the lid is properly covering it to avoid any issues with thrown out food.

Take proper care if you notice large nests of pests since this might require the help of an exterminator. However, smaller nests of ants or bugs can easily be taken care of with some repellant.

Fill In Any Cracks In Your Walls

Your garage door does not need to be wide open for pests to come in. Cracks in your walls or even gaps in between your garage door and home can often lead to unwanted guests making their way in.

To fix this, take some time to inspect your walls for any gaps. This is especially effective at stopping ants or small bugs from crawling into your garage and causing damage to your home. Once you’ve found any gaps you can use crack sealing products to fill them in and close any entryways for these pests.

Preventing More Pests From Coming In

Once you have taken care of all of the pests in your garage, you can take active steps to prevent others from appearing in its place. Repellant sprays, powders, or strips can help deal with most garden pests that could come in uninvited. These will need to be replenished often so make sure to keep an eye on the instructions for the products to know when to do so.

Consider laying down traps to help catch any rats that manage to enter your garage. Keeping an eye on the traps to empty them when they are used is important, so keep them in an area where you can easily check them.

A Pest-free Garage For A Better Home

Keeping your home free from pests is an important part of maintaining your home clean. By following the steps above you can ensure that your home will be safe and protected from any unwelcome visitors.

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