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Why Is My Garage Door Opening By Itself?

open garage door

Is your garage door opening on its own? This common homeowner issue can cause you major problems. If your garage door opens when nobody’s home, it can give intruders easy access to your possessions and your home putting your family’s safety at risk.

Thankfully there are a number of steps you can take if you’re experiencing this issue:

Replace your garage door batteries

Sometimes your garage door opens on its own because your opener’s batteries are dead. You can test this by opening the door with the transmitter attached to the garage door itself. If this works, and your remote doesn’t, simply replace the batteries and you are good to go.

See if the buttons on your garage door opener are sticking

Sometimes your garage opens because the buttons on your garage door opener are sticking. If they are getting stuck, the pressure could be causing the device to trigger, sending a transmission to the receiver. Check all of the garage door opener buttons to see if they are sticking.

If they are sticking, you can either replace the device or press them more cautiously, making sure that the button is not stuck after closing the door.

Check for a power surge, which can scramble your code

Various issues can cause the code for your transmission to be scrambled. Sometimes, this happens because of a power surge in the system. Sometimes, you might need to change the code for your garage door opener. There could be a rogue signal interfering with the receiver, causing it to open. Sometimes this happens because a neighbor uses a similar code to open their own garage door.

You can change the code on your garage door system easily by inputting a specific code on your unit. Generally, this can be done by pressing a learn button on your unit and inputting a code with a keypad on your system before pairing with your remote. Older systems that don’t have a keypad will require you to physically move some switches inside of the remote to match the ones on your unit.

If changing the code doesn’t work, you might have a bigger problem that will require electrical work in order to repair your system.

Look for wiring problems

Sometimes this can be caused by a wiring problem. In this case, look for a short in the wiring. Most of the time, the wiring short circuits between the operating motor unit and the wall button in the garage. A short circuit can send a charge to your garage door, causing it to open. You should also check the safety sensor wiring, which can sometimes cause your door to open unexpectedly. Inspect these visually and look for damaged or exposed wiring. If damaged, hire an electrician or garage door specialist to do the work for you. Attempting to fix it by yourself could result in harm.

If the visible circuitry looks fine, you might have a more complicated problem with the logic board or internal circuitry. Here, you can either replace the unit entirely, or call for specialized repairs from an expert.

Make sure your garage is working as it should be

An open garage door can cause concern and could place your belongings and safety at risk. Make sure to contact Hill Country Overhead Door today to ensure that your garage door is working as it should be.

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