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6 Garage Doors That Leave Us Inspired

We do a lot of garage door installations and garage door repairs here at Hill Country. We also take great pride in all of the great work that we do. Every once in a great while, there are garage doors that make us stop and get inspired by the work we do. These are doors that are especially well-crafted or beautifully colored or just plain bizarre. We love our work and we love to share our inspiration with you. That’s why we’ve built this list of six great garage doors that make us remember why we do what we do.

Ludington, MI – Windows in Color Garage Door

windows on top of garage door SOURCE: Rachel Kramer

Typically, when people find a garage door in state of disrepair, they spruce it up with a fresh coat of paint. Not this Michigander, who instead put window frames on the front of the door.

2. Birmingham, UK – The Smithfield Garage Ltd Stone Garage Door

old garage door that is surrounded by a thick and ornate brick building SOURCE: Elliott Brown

Located in the Digbeth region of Birmingham is this gorgeous stone garage dated from 1923. The garage itself is part of a block of buildings undergoing renovation. While it looks like it has seen better days, the architecture of the garage itself stands head and shoulders above many.

3. Adelaide, Australia – 3 2 1 Garage Door

Three garage doors with the numbers three, two, and one painted on them SOURCE: Theen Moy

The person that snapped this photo happened to stumble upon it during a walk one day. The bright colors and targets on the door make it stand out tremendously.

4. San Francisco, CA – Transforming Victorian Garage Door

SOURCE: BeausoleilArchitects

This transforming garage in San Francisco was born out of necessity rather than novelty. Due to a lack of space in downtown, one neighborhood was forced to make space where there was little. They also had to maintain the neighborhood aesthetic as well. Because of this, they contact a local architect, who devised this ingenious method that meets both requirements.

5. Venice, Italy – Canal Garage Door

garage door located on a canal SOURCE: Brian Hillegas

Did you think that garages were strictly for ground-based vehicles? Not so, as these beautiful Venetian garage doors prove. With a wrought iron gingerbread top and vibrant pine green decorating it, this door adds a unique accent to the canals of the Italian city.

6. LA Mesa, CA – Shiny Happy Garage Door

a garage door in the back of a house that appears to be smiling adorably SOURCE: Mitch Wagner

All this photographer needed to do was walk across the street for this photo. According to the annotation with this photo, this is just the normal garage door for his neighbors directly across from him. So simple, it puts a smile on our faces.

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